Natural wax? Soy wax? Quesaco?

Usually candles are made from paraffin (a mineral wax, derived from petroleum and harmful to health). This is why we have developed a 100% vegetable and natural formula, composed of 85% soy wax of French origin and guaranteed free of G.M.O. and 15% of ingredients from our secret (also 100% vegetable and natural origin) that give our candles an excellent life span and an optimal restitution of the fragrances.

What does my candle look like?

Your candle has an "imperfect" aspect?
Do you notice marks/traces on the glass inside?
=> This is normal, and is a guarantee of quality, especially with regard to the natural composition of your candle!

The soy wax that we use in the vast majority of our candles is called "polymorphic": that is to say that its crystalline structure can vary according to the weather conditions and develop a floury, frosted or even sweaty appearance.
It can happen that the candle slightly peels off the glass creating "wet spots" with the variations in temperature as you can see, another characteristic inherent to its natural composition.
But don't worry!
All this is the prerogative of the "natural", less chemically stable compared to paraffin candles, but because... without harmful chemicals!
Most people are not bothered by this, and even say it's a sign that the candle is made of soy and not paraffin.
Once lit, your soy candle will not lose any of its qualities (diffusion of aromas, burning time).

Can I reuse the containers of my candles once they are finished?

Absolutely, since our components are of natural origin, don't hesitate to recycle the containers once they have been cleaned at your convenience (pencil jar, jar cover, candy box, etc.).

How do I clean the said container once my candle is finished?

Using a suitable instrument (a spoon for example), collect and then throw away what remains of wax at the bottom of the jar as well as the wick and its base. Then simply clean with hot soapy water. Your container is now ready for a new life.

Personalized candles?

Indeed, we realize all kinds of personalizations for your baptisms, weddings, birthdays, corporate gifts...

Do not hesitate to tell us your wishes, we will do our best to satisfy your request. Our graphic design team will put all its talent at your service.

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