Light becomes perfume

Of the five senses, the sense of smell is the one that can, in a fraction of a second, bring back a childhood memory, encourage dreaming, relax. The creators of Lou Candeloun candles take you on a journey through Provence and the Mediterranean with associations of scents that are new and yet so alive.

A journey without moving from home Imagine yourself on a market in Provence. You wander through the stalls, smelling thyme flower, then sage and cloves.

Here are the fruits: plump melons and fresh figs... Has it whetted your appetite? How about a little pastis before dinner?... After a meal and a nap, you leave the village and approach the sea. The Mediterranean Sea offers itself to you, glittering. You head towards the creeks, the sun is burning but you are sheltered under the coolness of the pines... The day declines and you finally enter Marseille. From the top of her hill, the Good Mother awaits you. You push the heavy leaf, a smell of wood and incense envelops you. You close your eyes and dream of your next holiday... perhaps on an island in the west where leather and blond tobacco mingle with vanilla flowers; perhaps in this country, far away, in the east, where ginger, wild pepper and combava grow...

These and other perfumes, Lou Candeloun made candles out of them. Retour du Marché, Béton Minéral and Traversée, three collections to take us on a journey.

Handcrafted candles, beautiful to look at and good for your health Candeloun means candle in Provençal. The production could not be done elsewhere than in this south so rich in scents. The candles are cast one by one, by hand, the old-fashioned way. Apart from the fragrances, their specificity comes from the very nature of the wax: no paraffin derived from petroleum. Lou Candeloun's wax is 100% vegetable and natural, it does not distort the fragances, does not hurt the lungs and is of French origin. Even the wicks are made of natural cotton.

The design is an essential part of Lou Candeloun candles. Each collection has its own style. For Retour du Marché, glass jars from the Weck brand with small snap-on lids. Béton Minéral's containers are the result of an association

with Gone's, a Lyon-based brand of eco-responsible design objects. The result: a pure curve in 100% mineral concrete with orange or green water inside. For Traversée, the inspiration is metallic, silver, steel grey, gold or copper. And if

you want a series of candles personalized to your number or to mark a happy event it is quite possible.

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